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Dr. Louie Yu Bio


Recognized worldwide as a physician, teacher and formulator of innovative nutritional products, Dr. Yu knew at the age of 4 that he would become a doctor.  Recognizing his son’s advanced intelligence and interest in medicine, his father, a renowned Chinese acupuncturist, encouraged him to study the sciences.

Dr. Yu received his doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the Victoria Cultural Society in British Columbia and started a successful clinical practice in Los Angeles, California.  He focused not only on symptom relief but also on improving his patient’s quality of life.

Early in his career a chance meeting with a stranger altered the course of Dr. Yu’s approach to medicine and his understanding of biochemistry.  Dr. Yu recalls spending an hour of heated discussion with a stranger about ”physician stuff,” only to discover that he was debating with the acclaimed biochemist, Dr. Alfred Libby, collaborator of Dr. Linus Pauling, who is a two-time Nobel laureate and the father of orthomolecular medicine.  This experience humbled Dr. Yu and redirected his life course.  From that chance meeting, the two doctors became instant comrades and led to Dr. Yu’s extended period of private study with Dr. Libby.

Over a period of years, Dr. Libby mentored Dr. Yu, until one day Dr. Libby told the young doctor, “do you know that you’ll be the next expert in line to carry on and add to the knowledge base?”  Dr. Libby asked, “After I’m gone who will be in the next generation of forward thinking doctors?  I must bring you up and give you as much as I can.  After I’m gone, you are the next expert in line.  When I die, the information and knowledge I have will be lost, so I have to give you as much as I can as well as teach you how to teach yourself.”

Dr. Yu was stunned by Dr. Libby’s belief in him and replied, “I’m not quite up to doing that.”  Dr. Libby replied, “I can’t teach you everything, but I can teach you about which questions to ask…the fundamental questions about what actually happens and the way these things really do occur in biochemistry.  It’s a way to reanalyze, rethink and map out the physiological roots, and to understand the physiological process.”

After this, Dr. Yu gratefully followed his mentor’s teachings, mastering the concepts of orthomolecular medicine.  In 2002, he received his Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shanghai TCM College of British Columbia.  Dr. Yu has incorporated this ancient form of medicine into his approach to wellness.  Known worldwide as the creator of Quantum Energetic Medicine, he has been able to bridge the gap between modern medicine, and the curative wisdom of the East.

Dr. Yu makes himself available to speak, travel and teach throughout the world.  Always on the forefront of innovative, scientific approaches to wellness, Dr. Yu has formulated his proprietary nutritional products, which are designed to enhance and improve health.  His mission is to teach people how to achieve optimum health and wellness through self-responsibility and superior nutritional products.